RELEX Solutions Strengthens Asia Pacific Presence with New Partnership

Jan 25, 2018 2 min

Australian Consultants FMCG Retail to provide RELEX’s Unified Retail Planning Technology in the APAC region.

RELEX Solutions, the pioneer of unified retail planning technology, and one of the world’s fastest growing supply chain technology companies, has taken a major step towards establishing a truly global presence.
A new partnership with FMCG Retail, the retail-focused consultancy, will put RELEX in front of major brands across the APAC region, where the Australian firm has quickly built a reputation for expertise and for helping retailers achieve success.

The step is a natural progression for RELEX. RELEX’s customer base has spread from the Nordics, where it’s the dominant player in retail planning technology, right across Europe. More recently it has started to establish itself in North America and has announced several high profile deals with key retailers.
Melbourne, Victoria headquartered, FMCG Retail will sell, implement and provide consultation on RELEX’ solutions and services across the region, having worked with brands in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

“FMCG Retail and RELEX share the same work ethic, commitment to customers’ success and a focus on providing powerful but practical solutions,” says Jukka Uskonen, Business Director for Partnerships at RELEX. “We’re thrilled to find a team of seasoned local industry experts to partner with, and FMCG Retail are perfectly placed to boost our entry into a new market.”

“With customer-centricity and localization being growing retail trends, RELEX provides cutting-edge retail planning technology in this area that really works,” says Matthew Muir, Principle Consultant at FMCG Retail. “They have a whole stack of references from great retailers pointing to amazing results. Its solutions have proved outstanding time and again and we’ll be able to recommend it to our wide customer base completely wholeheartedly. It’s a great opportunity both for us and RELEX.”