Finnish Restaurant Service Provider Restel Implements RELEX Solutions for Workforce Optimization

Apr 28, 2021 2 min

Restel, one of Finland’s largest restaurant service providers with restaurant brands such as Burger King, Taco Bell, and Rax Pizzabuffet, will implement RELEX’s workforce optimization solution to automize and optimize their shift planning. The RELEX solution will service Restel’s 200+ restaurants, which employ more than 2,500 people, driving better customer service and optimal efficiency. 

Prior to implementing RELEX, shift planning and management was handled manually by Restel’s restaurant managers. The company saw clearly that manager time would be better used serving customers and ensuring smooth operations in their restaurants, so they sought a modern workforce tool that could free up manager time. They wanted to automate shift planning while giving employees improved visibility into their own shifts. Beyond automation alone, the workforce solution also optimizes Restel’s shifts based on accurate workload forecasts. This enables the company to better match resources to actual need, translating to more balanced work shifts for employees.

“RELEX’s Workforce Optimization enables us to make shift planning more transparent and equitable for all our employees,” says Marika Mäkelä, Human Resources Director at Restel. “Each employee gets their own mobile application which they can use to make requests for shifts. Employees are our most valuable asset, so we love that RELEX allows us to balance our employee’s workloads and ultimately drive even better customer service.” 

“We are excited about the cooperative partnership we’ve developed with Restel,” says Jasmin Karasar, Operations Director, Finland & Baltics at RELEX. “It’s not just traditional retailers who can benefit from workforce optimization—our solution will provide Restel’s restaurants with a great deal of value as well. Through this collaboration with Restel, we’ve learned a great deal about the unique requirements of the restaurant industry, and we look forward leveraging that knowledge across our entire client base.”