Dutch Wholesaler Smeding Prioritises Fresh Food and Increases Availability with RELEX

Feb 5, 2019 2 min

Leading Dutch wholesaler Smeding has selected RELEX to optimize its supply chain processes to improve the quality and freshness of its products and further increase availability for customers.

Smeding specializes in delivering potatoes, vegetables and fruits to Foodservice and Food retail customers. With over 2,000 SKU’s provided to customers all over the Benelux region, Smeding’s main priorities are on ensuring the availability of fresh and in-season products for their customers.

The wholesaler will be working with RELEX to ensure the availability of the freshest possible products, and through improved ordering efficiency will enable minimised stockholding, spoilage and other associated ordering costs.

A key focus for Smeding was to reduce waste to contribute to a sustainable environment. Due to the short lifecycle of fresh goods even more emphasis is placed on being able to anticipate and respond to even the smallest changes in demand. For Smeding, where some products are highly weather dependent and with different peak seasons for each, it was therefore essential to find a specialised solution for handling these demands; “Seasonality and weather conditions play an important role in demand. We have found that these specific requirements are not met by the well-known ERP applications.” Said Smeding CFO/COO Wim Berends.

We assessed several suppliers and chose RELEX as it is most suited and advanced to deliver accurate forecasts.

“As an active wholesaler in the supply chain of fruits and vegetables, it is extremely important that we are able to optimize availability as well as the freshness of goods” continued Mr. Berends. “We assessed several suppliers and chose RELEX as it is most suited and advanced to deliver accurate forecasts. When evaluating solutions, it became clear that RELEX is very innovative and committed to improve its product, which for us is a very important criterium.”

Glen Burgon, Business Development Manager at RELEX says “We’re excited to welcome Smeding to the RELEX family. The ability to respond to even the smallest changes in demand is vital for efficient inventory management, particularly for fresh products. The Smeding team have been very collaborative, and we look forward to working closely in exploring new ways to further improve product freshness and service for their customers.”

About Smeding
Smeding differentiates itself in the world of fruit and vegetables by combining the extended assortment available for the foodservice, with the required volumes for retail. New concepts, innovations and convenience products are developed in close collaboration with farmers and suppliers. These sustainable solutions throughout the chain help to ensure long terms success for the customers of Smeding, ranging from full service to discount formulas, both instore and online.

More information: www.smeding.nl