Pharma Distributor So.Farma.Morra to Boost Efficiency with RELEX Solutions

Nov 18, 2019 2 min

Italian pharmaceutical group So.Farma.Morra has selected RELEX Solutions, a provider of unified retail optimization solutions, to improve forecasting and replenishment for its 15 distribution centers located throughout Italy. The company supplies about 90,000 products to 6,200 customer pharmacies throughout the country, for a consolidated annual turnover of €950 million — a 7% share Italy’s entire pharmaceutical distribution market.

The RELEX solution will significantly improve the accuracy of So.Farma.Morra’s forecasting and DC replenishment — a key goal that will help the company adapt to the needs of an increasingly complex market. Through this partnership with RELEX, the company plans to use their increased forecast accuracy to improve their product availability, inventory levels, and the quality of service they can provide to their customer pharmacies. Everyday operations will also feel a positive impact, as So.Farma.Morra plans to reduce the amount of time spent on routine replenishment tasks, improving their purchasing division’s quality and efficiency.

RELEX stood apart from the pack for So.Farma.Morra because of its superior computational power and the flexibility of its software. But the company was also drawn to RELEX’s dedication to customer success and the results its team of experts have been able to achieve with other customers. This project launched in October 2019 with a planned go-live date in April 2020.

Riccardo Morra, Manager of the Group, commented: “The service level we offer to customer pharmacies is our priority. We are confident that this partnership with RELEX is a step towards achieving our goals in both the short and long terms, and we’re dedicated to continuous investment in new technology. In addition to customer satisfaction, RELEX will further improve our employees’ efficiency in the purchasing and logistics division.”

“We are excited to welcome another market leader into the RELEX family,” said Jarno Martikainen, RELEX Italy Country Director. “We look forward to demonstrating how the flexibility of our solution can help So.Farma.Morra overcome the challenges left unresolved by their current system and face the growing complexity of the pharmaceutical market.”

About So.Farma.Morra
From Nola in Italy’s Campania region, So.Farma.Morra has been operating in the field of pharmaceutical distribution for forty years. Today the group has 15 distribution centers located throughout Italy, a market share of 7%, a consolidated turnover of 940 million euros a year and 820 employees, agents and collaborators. The company fulfils over 14,000 daily orders ensuring the delivery of medicines in 6,200 Italian pharmacies, served daily through at least two deliveries. The company also has two state-of-the-art data centers located in Milan and Rome.

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