Swedish Pharmacy LloydsApotek Chooses RELEX to Improve Demand Forecasting and Optimise Ordering

Jan 18, 2016 2 min

LloydsApotek, a leading Swedish pharmacy chain, has chosen RELEX’s solution to improve demand forecasting and optimise ordering for its 80 pharmacies around the country.

Before implementing RELEX, LloydsApotek relied on a purchasing and replenishment system developed in-house. It worked well, but the company’s rapid growth prompted it to look for a more advanced and flexible system. “We felt we had a good solution, but we ran up against its limits when it came to demand forecasting, flexibility, and usage,” says Sebastian Wickberg, Purchasing and Logistics Manager at LloydsApotek. “We needed an efficient and user-friendly solution that could take us to the next level and RELEX offered us exactly that.”

RELEX’s extensive supply chain management expertise, gained from working with retail and wholesale customers across Europe, also played a big role in LloydsApotek’s decision. In the end RELEX seemed the natural choice.

The company’s primary goals were to make all its supply chain planning processes more efficient while significantly improving availability and cutting spoilage. “We knew there was room for improvement in our processes and, with the help of RELEX, we have high expectations that we will reach all our goals and further strengthen our availability so that we can better serve our customers and patients”, says Wickberg.

The project will start in January 2016. Mikael Wiklund, Sales Manager at RELEX, is very much looking forward to working with LloydsApotek. “We are very excited about this collaboration and, given how close the cooperation has been already, it’s going to be fascinating to see what we can achieve together. LloydsApotek quickly demonstrated that they’re an excellent partner and I am confident that we will reach all the goals that they have set.”

About LloydsApotek

LloydsApotek is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Sweden with over 80 pharmacies around the country. The chain is operated by Admenta Sweden AB and part of Celesio Group, the largest international service company in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. The group operates in 16 countries worldwide and employs around 39.000 people in total.