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Tamro Finland Achieves Significant Supply Chain Efficiency with RELEX Solutions 

Dec 14, 2023 2 min

Leveraging RELEX demand forecasting and inventory planning, Tamro excels in both cost savings and maintaining excellent service quality. 

Tamro Finland, a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler, has realized notable advancements in supply chain efficiency and inventory management through their use of RELEX Solutions, provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions. Leveraging the RELEX demand forecasting and inventory planning, Tamro has been using RELEX’s demand forecasting and inventory planning since 2020.

Through the collaboration with RELEX, Tamro Finland has achieved key milestones, including a streamlined planning process. Specifically, for a subset of branded products, there has been remarkable reduction in inventory levels by 11% while maintaining consistent product availability, coupled with a significant decrease in average supply by 28%. 

Previously, Tamro Finland grappled with legacy planning tools and manual operational practices, characterized by reactive supplier orders to cover random stock outs. The complexity of integrating multiple health sector stakeholders into their supply chain called for an innovative approach to optimize efficiency. Tamro’s strategic objective was to attain near-perfect product availability and automate their supply chain processes, requiring a system robust enough to handle immediate demands and flexible enough to adapt to future market dynamics. 

Tamro chose RELEX for their supply chain overhaul based on using it previously and the solution’s proven adaptability to complex requirements. The agility and configurable nature of the RELEX system proved essential for addressing Tamro’s needs, confirming the value and longevity of their investment. RELEX automation capabilities were essential in realizing Tamro’s vision for maximizing product availability and enhancing operational efficiency.  

The collaboration yielded impactful process improvements for Tamro, including enhanced planning visibility with a user-friendly system interface. Moreover, the solution facilitated a substantial time saving, enabling Tamro’s purchase specialists to make automated data-driven decisions. This shift towards informed decision-making has not only increased forecast accuracy but is expected to also elevate additional business metrics. RELEX has also empowered Tamro to embark on a robust Sales & Operations planning process. 

“The outset of this project was framed by our ambition for operational excellence and consistent product availability. RELEX didn’t just deliver on these objectives, they exceeded them within a remarkably short timeframe. We’ve seen a transformation in our supply chain processes and realized also time savings, allowing us to focus on value-adding activities,” says Pia Lehtiniemi, Supply Chain and Supplier Relations Manager, Tamro Finland. 

“Pharmaceutical wholesale is a critical sector for us, and Tamro’s successful results stand as a testament to our capabilities, especially during periods of significant market instability,” says Stefano Scandelli, Senior Vice President Sales EMEA, RELEX Solutions. “The success of this project underscores our commitment to the health care sector and showcases our ability to deliver robust results amidst the challenges posed by supply disruptions and fluctuating demand seen during the COVID era.”