Transmeri Group Expands Demand Planning Capabilities from RELEX  

Dec 8, 2023 2 min

Longtime RELEX customer and popular consumer goods company in Finland and the Baltics standardizes demand planning capabilities across all subsidiaries.

Transmeri Group, a Finnish family enterprise with subsidiaries which manufacture, distribute and import consumer goods in Finland and in the Baltics, has expanded their use of RELEX Solutions across their subsidiaries, now including Banmark Oy Ab. Banmark is a manufacturer of pulp and paper, and provides a broad range of specialty chemicals and equipment used within the pulping process, paper machine wet end, coating color treatment, as well as de-inking and paper converting. 

Transmeri has been a RELEX customer since 2012 and has systematically expanded their use of demand forecasting capabilities across several subsidiaries, including Transmeri, Transmeri Logistics, Miraculos, and now, Banmark.  

Transmeri has realized significant improvements in sales forecasting since deploying demand forecasting capabilities from RELEX. Since deploying RELEX, Transmeri can now support sales and operations planning across all subsidiaries, can better predict sales across product ranges, and reduce manual efforts and unnecessary production delays. Standardizing RELEX across all business lines will also enable Transmeri to fully transition away from legacy processes and unify forecasting from end-to-end. 

“The proven success of demand forecasting capabilities within Transmeri over the last decade has empowered us to make informed decisions, optimize our S&OP processes, and ultimately enhance our ability to predict sales across our diverse product ranges,” said Kimmo Koho, Chief Information and Sustainability Officer at Transmeri Group. “This expansion with RELEX is not just a strategic investment; it’s a pragmatic step toward streamlining our processes, reducing manual efforts, and minimizing supply chain challenges, reinforcing Banmark’s position for sustained success in the market.” 

“Transmeri Group’s continued commitment to leveraging RELEX Solutions across their portfolio reflects the strategic importance of accurate forecasting in the highly dynamic consumer goods industry. By extending our collaboration to now include Banmark, Transmeri is poised to unlock even greater value across their business,” said Tiina Kanninen, VP, Customer Success, RELEX Solutions. “Our collaboration is also a testament to the transformative impact that advanced forecasting and planning capabilities can have on the entire value chain, driving efficiency and profitability for Transmeri across every facet of their operations.”