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Customer video: Family Farm & Home

Dec 13, 2022 2 min

Family Farm & Home, a Michigan-based retailer specializing in farm and rural lifestyle products, has been using RELEX for forecasting and replenishment since 2020 across their distribution centers, online channels, and 66 stores throughout the midwestern United States. They then expanded their partnership to integrate floor planning, planogram optimization, and space-aware replenishment into the supply chain solution. 

Nick Bowne, Family Farm & Home’s Merchandising Support Coordinator, took a few minutes at RELEX Live in Atlanta to share some of the highlights of working with RELEX and the advantages of unifying space and replenishment planning. 

Video transcript 

So, I’m Nick Bowne from Family Farm & Home in Muskegon, Michigan. My title is Merchandising Support Coordinator.  

There are two primary challenges that I feel RELEX has helped my company with. RELEX has helped us with our ordering processes for replenishment – it was extremely manual in our system. It has freed up our replenishment team’s time on ordering because now they’re not looking at every single item, they’re looking at exceptions.  

The other thing that it’s helping with is our store planning was completely disconnected from our system for replenishment. And that connection is allowing us to pass data from replenishment and show what should be in assortment, what shouldn’t be in assortment.  

It’s helping us to get our planograms to our stores in a more efficient way. We were storing PDF files and then putting those out on a shared drive. And with the space and the floor plan combined, we have kind of an all-in-one package that gets that information to the end users so that they can set the planograms in the store.