Customer video: Thrive Market

Aug 23, 2022 2 min

Thrive Market is a US-based e-commerce grocery retailer that has partnered with RELEX since 2020 to integrate and improve their supply chain, including demand forecasting, replenishment, allocations, and promotion forecasting. Amy Maros, Thrive’s Director of Supply Chain, sat down with us at RELEX Live 2022 to talk about their most recent dashboard project and the benefits of a successful collaboration. 

Video transcript 

Amy Maros: I’m Amy Maros. I work with Thrive Market and I’m the Director of Supply Chain. 

Thrive has been with RELEX for two years now and we developed two super users out of it. They were trained by RELEX and just have an incredible amount of knowledge, which is great because we can troubleshoot a lot of things ourselves. 

We just got off a project with RELEX on a new dashboard for our demand planning, and it took out a lot of the manual work that our demand planning team was doing every day. They’re really good about helping us automate and really good with reporting and metrics. We have ls every week, get immediate responses to any of our questions, and you know, it allows the process to keep moving on, which is good. 

I would just say I really enjoy the team that I work with. They are extremely flexible. I send them a priority list every week, and it’s always changing. So, they’ll pivot on a dime for me, which is great. It was a priority this week. Now, this is a priority, though, and they’ll pivot as needed—so, very flexible.