Inside the World of Talent Acquisition: A Tech Industry Perspective

May 4, 2023 3 min

From History Student to Talent Acquisition Specialist at RELEX – Meet Rebekka, our Talent Acquisition Specialist. She works at the Helsinki HQ and is the first to be featured in Meet Our Recruiters, a new blog series bringing front the stories and insights into the life of the Global Talent Acquisition Team!

Rebekka’s journey from history student to talent acquisition specialist in the tech industry is an interesting one. It is a testament to how a person’s career path can take many twists and turns before finding the right fit. She found her love for recruitment through a recruiting position in one of the companies she was working with. Rebekka says that communication and self-organization are essential skills for her job, and she tries to develop them every day consciously.

Fun Fact: I was a German teacher for Santa Claus’s elves in Rovaniemi

As a talent acquisition specialist, Rebekka’s day is filled with many tasks. She starts the day by checking her email and applicant tracking system to see if any new applications have come in. She then has meetings with hiring managers and does a lot of background work, like sourcing candidates for open positions and collecting data for insights into the recruitment process. She also takes some time to read articles or listen to podcasts to stay up to date with the latest trends in recruitment.

The biggest challenge in Rebekka’s job is that things can change quickly. The business needs may change, and the required profile may be altered, so she has to keep up to date with what is going on and manage everyone’s expectations. Rebekka is proud that diversity is an important aspect of their recruitment processes, and they focus on hiring for skills and potential rather than a specific kind of experience.

Rebekka stays up to date with the latest trends and developments in the industry by reading blogs, articles, and whitepapers, listening to podcasts, and scrolling through LinkedIn. She also loves books on the topic and hopes to attend events and conferences in the future. She gets inspiration from what she learns and incorporates the knowledge into the recruitment process.

In her free time, Rebekka loves watching TV, working out at the gym or swimming, and reading books. However, most of her free time is spent playing with her child.

To avoid burnout, Rebekka is strict with her working hours. She closes her laptop and turns off her work phone whenever possible. If she has to put in long hours because of an urgent matter, she documents it in their internal system and takes time off later. Having a strict separation is essential, especially when working from home.

For anyone considering a career in talent acquisition in the tech industry, Rebekka advises networking, learning, and networking more. Following thought leaders on social media and being aware of the trends and discussions in the field is crucial. Finally, Rebekka’s favorite RELEX value is “The colleague is a friend.” It is essential to work with people who wish you well and are working towards the same goal.

Overall, Rebekka’s interview offers a fascinating insight into the life of a talent acquisition specialist in the tech industry. Her journey to finding her dream job, the challenges she faces, and the strategies she uses to avoid burnout are all valuable lessons for anyone looking to start a career in talent acquisition.