Network balancing software

Identify imbalances.
Fix frustrations.

Rectify imbalances in your increasingly complex distribution network to minimize risks, reduce costs, and maximize service levels.

Visualize, execute, and maintain the optimal balance of goods between production sites and distribution centers

Strike a perfect balance

Material shortages, transportation issues, delayed shipments, shifting demand — these supply chain disruptions create costly imbalances in distribution networks, with goods ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Redistribution of existing stock is often cheaper than producing or ordering more from a supplier. RELEX network balancing software ensures goods flow where they need to when they need to within your distribution network in the most cost-effective way.

Use RELEX to:

  • Balance stock across the network to reduce overall inventory and improve stock rotation.
  • Delay supplier purchases to reduce working capital.
  • Optimize product flow for minimized transportation, environmental, and manufacturing costs.
  • Use internal transfers with short lead times to secure availability and reduce lost sales.

Key features

Network balancing features that help your business thrive


End-to-end supply chain modeling


Continuous network rebalancing with DC-to-DC distribution


Flexible scenario management


Outcome optimization

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