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Workforce optimization and management solution

RELEX workforce optimization software supports data-based scheduling decisions. Ensure you have the staff available to manage your projected workload while increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

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Automate and optimize your workforce scheduling and management

Backed by our powerful AI forecasting engine, RELEX’s workforce optimization software allows you to accurately forecast workload, create matching shifts that comply with complex local legislation and rules, and improve employee engagement and satisfaction.



Reduction in store personnel costs



customer service




“By using demand forecasts that we already get from RELEX, we can better match the planned work shifts with the actual workload, which makes us more efficent, saves us money, and makes the workforce planning process much more transparent than before. ”

Thomas Berglund, CIO Coop Värmland


Improve efficiency, customer service, and employee satisfaction

with our AI-driven shift scheduling

RELEX’s workforce optimization software supports the full workforce planning process, enabling accurate workload forecasting, automated shift scheduling, and employee engagement through mobile access.


Reduce personnel costs

Avoid over- or understaffing—and all the associated costs—by matching staff availability with predicted workload at each of your locations through accurate forecasting and automated scheduling.


Improve customer satisfaction

Make sure you have the right amount of staff in stores during your highest-customer demand windows to ensure your shoppers always receive the superior quality of service they deserve.


Create better schedules with less work

Get rid of cumbersome, ineffective, manual workforce planning processes with AI-driven forecasting and automated shift planning that considers individual tasks and skills while complying with legal requirements.

Delight your employees

RELEX automatically plans shifts that incorporate your employees’ availability and preferences while improving their experience with a mobile application that lets them review and manage their schedules.


Plan for the right capacity

Proactively address approaching capacity risks before your business feels any negative impact by improving short- and long-term resourcing to avoid personnel shortages or surplus hours.


Align planning across functions

Gain immediate visibility into the workload impact of changes to demand or supply plans, then use this information to improve alignment and collaboration across all functions.

“RELEX’s Workforce Optimization enables us to make shift planning more transparent and equitable for all our employees. Each employee gets their own mobile application which they can use to make requests for shifts. Employees are our most valuable asset, so we love that RELEX allows us to balance our employee’s workloads and ultimately drive even better customer service.”

Marika Mäkelä, Human Resources Director Restel
Highlighted features

Workforce optimization and management software

Workload forecasting graph
Employee engagement mobile view
Gain visibility into future workload requirements

RELEX accurately predicts future workloads based on forecasted sales, customer footfall, and inbound goods flows to identify your resource needs in customer service and goods handling.

Create optimal work schedules automatically

RELEX uses workload forecasts to automatically optimize shifts that account for employee contracts, skills, preferences, complex local legal requirements, and company-specific rules.

Workload forecasting graph
Drive employee engagement

Provide your employees with a mobile application that lets them communicate their upcoming shift preferences, easily swap shifts with coworkers, or bid for extra shifts.

Employee engagement mobile view


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