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A Fresh Take on Fresh Food Forecasting and Replenishment

Feb 4, 2016 1 min

Solving the ultimate challenge of grocery retail supply chains

RELEX, provider of the world’s most powerful supply chain software, has published its latest ‘how-to’ guide, this time focusing on fresh food.

This 18-page fresh food forecasting and replenishment ebook explores one of the most challenging areas of modern retail replenishment, one that carries a high degree of risk and that has resisted automation.

The guide looks in detail at four key areas:

  • The challenge of producing accurate daily forecast
  • Seasons and holidays
  • Promotions
  • Introducing weather into demand forecasts

The ebook draws on the wide experience of RELEX supply chain experts and their work with grocery retailers and wholesalers across Europe.

The book references specific projects including Stockmann (Finland) and Booths (UK), both of whom made remarkable inroads into spoilage while both improving availability and controlling or reducing inventory levels.

“Whenever we’ve worked with grocery retailers and wholesalers our collaborations have always resulted in both parties learning from the other,” says Tommi Ylinen, RELEX’s VP Product and the author of the latest book. “The key lessons are all included. I’m sure they’ll resonate with a lot of people in the sector.”

“For me the big takeaway is that however tough a challenge fresh food represents, given good data and a good system it’s possible to automate large parts of the replenishment process so that experienced colleagues can concentrate on the really knotty issues that arise – issues where their expertise can make a huge difference.”

Fresh food forecasting and replenishment ebook can be viewed here.