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Ahlsell Selects RELEX Solutions to Manage Forecasting and Replenishment

Dec 15, 2020 2 min

Ahlsell, a leading Nordic distributor of installation products, tools, and supplies, will partner with RELEX Solutions, provider of unified retail planning solutions, to integrate and automate its supply chain planning. RELEX will initially provide forecasting and replenishment to Ahlsell’s three distribution centers in Sweden, Norway, and Finland, followed by implementation in their 240 stores. With its highly adaptable, AI-based solution RELEX will support Ahlsell in their goal to reduce inventory levels while increasing availability, automating their planning processes, and improving both inventory turnover and long-term planning accuracy.

The new solution, which allows for integrated management of the entire supply chain, will increase automation, allow for long-term planning, and make it easier to handle exceptions and seasonal variations. Ahlsell chose to partner with RELEX due to the provider’s expertise in supply chain optimization overall, their analytical and data-driven capabilities, and their proven track record with satisfied customers in Ahlsell’s segment.

“The RELEX team really understands our needs and is committed to support our core supply chain planning processes with best practices for forecasting and replenishment,” says Daniel Johansson, Logistics Manager at Ahlsell Sweden. “Working with RELEX allows us to take a more holistic approach to planning, use data to improve operations, and improve efficiency while automating manual work and improving our ability to adapt and innovate.”

“We’re very excited about this partnership and about working with Ahlsell’s talented team of experts to unleash the full potential of their supply chain,” says Joakim Hellman, Sales Manager at RELEX Solutions. “As Ahlsell improves and automates their core planning processes, they will be able to further improve their operational efficiency while taking advantage of the business benefits of the RELEX solution.”