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Auchan Retail Extends its Supply Chain Planning Scope with RELEX Solutions 

Jan 18, 2024 2 min

Retailer with over 500 outlets in France improves forecasting and replenishment capabilities.

Auchan Retail France has expanded its existing supply chain footprint with RELEX Solutions, provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions.   

Since 2019, Auchan Retail France has been working with RELEX on a supply chain transformation project to optimize inventory, increase availability, and improve customer service in these physical stores. By extending the use of RELEX to food e-commerce (Drives and Home Delivery) in 2024, Auchan Retail France will improve demand forecasting and replenishment in a new format.  

In this next phase of the project, Auchan Retail France will extend the implementation of the RELEX solutions they use, such as delivery flow smoothing and fresh produce optimization capabilities.    

Delivery flow smoothing capabilities will help to balance deliveries, and thus the resources required, both at point-of-sale and distribution center levels, and upstream (preparation and transport).  

“An efficient, streamlined supply chain is crucial today in satisfying consumers,” said Arnaud Poisson, Supply Chain Director at Auchan Retail France. “By increasing our investment in RELEX Solutions’ technology, we aim to increase efficiency, reduce waste while guaranteeing product availability and freshness at all times, while reducing the impact on our carbon footprint.”  

At the same time, Auchan Retail France is in the process of implementing complementary modules to be even more relevant in sales forecast calculations.  

“The implementation of machine learning as well as weather forecasts in 2024 will enable Auchan Retail to manage fluctuations in demand more effectively, and in particular those linked to changing weather conditions,” said Julien Henrion, project manager in Auchan Retail France’s Supply Chain project department, in charge of deploying the solution.   

Thanks to RELEX technology, Auchan Retail France will be able to better understand its customers’ preferences, make more accurate forecasts and optimize stock levels to ensure that the right products are replenished at the right time and available in the right place.    

“Accurate forecasting is crucial in food and retail, particularly to reduce wastage. Auchan Retail France will now be able to make more accurate forecasts, optimize stock levels, minimize out-of-stocks and ensure that products are at their freshest when they reach customers’ hands,” said Stefano Scandelli, Senior Vice President Sales, EMEA & APAC, RELEX Solutions. “We are committed to supporting Auchan Retail France’s ongoing strategy of enabling the best shopping experience for its customers.”