Districenter Selects RELEX to Improve Forecasting, Replenishment, Promotions and Allocation

May 2, 2022 2 min

DistriCenter, the well-known French fashion brand offering home textiles, shoes, and clothing for the whole family, will partner with RELEX Solutions, provider of unified retail planning solutions, to automate and optimize their supply chain planning. RELEX’s solution will drive forecast accuracy and replenishment efficiency throughout DistriCenter’s sales network, comprising of 170+ stores throughout France and their online channel.

Prior to partnering with RELEX, DistriCenter relied mainly on their ERP system to manage store replenishment, with orders being pushed to the stores rather than driven by demand. The decision to adopt an advanced planning tool is part of the company’s strategy for improving its capacity to fulfill pull-based demand through automation of replenishment and allocation processes driven by accurate demand forecasting.

DistriCenter has selected RELEX for their easily adaptable and AI-powered end-to-end supply chain planning solution, which allows them to manage forecasting, replenishment, allocation, and promotion planning within a single platform.

“To better anticipate our customer needs and allocate more smartly and efficiently our inventory in our stores, we need to take our supply chain planning processes to the next level”, says Jean-Yves KERJAN, Supply Chain Director at DistriCenter. “We trust RELEX as a partner who provides us not only with advanced demand forecasting, but also the expertise and flexibility needed to handle all the constraints and complexities of the fashion industry.”

“DistriCenter’s confidence in us reflects our track record of tailoring supply chain management to the needs of the fashion industry,” says Franck Westrelin, VP Sales Southern Europe & MENA at RELEX Solutions.  “Through this partnership, we are looking forward to helping the DistriCenter team realize their vision of improved efficiency and customer service through the use of our state-of-the-art technology”.