Krónan to Optimize their Supply Chain Operations with RELEX Solutions

Jul 2, 2024 2 min

The Icelandic grocer, renowned for their fresh produce, replaces existing solution with RELEX to automate their supply chain operations

Krónan, an Icelandic grocery retailer, has selected RELEX Solutions, a provider of unified retail planning solutions, to automate their supply chain. RELEX forecasting and replenishment capabilities will be applied across all relevant categories and Krónan’s four distribution centers (DCs). The project implementation will be supported by Supply Chain Company, a RELEX partner.

Known especially for their wide selection of fresh produce and commitment to sustainability, Krónan sought to improve their supply chain operations to achieve the optimal selection of products available at any given time while staying true to their focus on freshness, quality, and responsible purchasing. 

Krónan is a market leader in software solutions and digital experiences, and working smarter through the use of technology and innovation is one of its key strategic initiates. Staying true to their strategic focus, they identified a need for a more automated solution when planning for product introductions, promotions, events, and other changes in demand. This especially holds true for fresh produce.  

Krónan considered RELEX to be an excellent strategic partner as their knowledgeable experts share Krónan‘s dedication to customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Krónan recognized that RELEX offers solutions for end-to-end supply chain operations and has the competency to support Krónan‘s ongoing growth. 

“We are excited to embark on this journey with RELEX Solutions,” says Bjarki Jónsson, Director of Supply Chain Management at Krónan. “Their platform’s capabilities align perfectly with our vision for optimizing our supply chain operations, ensuring that we continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers.” 

By leveraging RELEX’s ML-driven forecasting and replenishment capabilities, Krónan will benefit from highly accurate demand forecasts, enabling smarter inventory decisions across their extensive network of stores and distribution centers. This will not only improve customer satisfaction through improved product availability but will also significantly reduce inventory carrying costs and minimize spoilage, aligning with Krónan’s commitment to sustainability and operational excellence.  

“One of our specialties in the world of grocery is fresh produce, and ensuring it actually stays fresh,” says Stefano Scandelli, SVP, Sales EMEA & APAC, from RELEX Solutions. “I can say that we are ‘bursting’ with excitement to start work with Krónan, because during our visit to them in Iceland, we witnessed a volcano erupting. That was certainly memorable.” 

Guðrún Aðalsteinsdóttir, CEO of Krónan, echoes this sentiment, adding, “RELEX’s team demonstrated a deep understanding of our business challenges and showcased a strong cultural fit. We’re confident that this partnership will allow us to achieve our goals while driving innovation across our operations.”