Matas Unifies Supply Chain and Space Planning with RELEX

Jun 23, 2020 2 min

Already off to a strong start with the implementation of RELEX’s supply chain solution, Matas is expanding its partnership with RELEX to include space and planogram optimization.

Matas, Denmark’s top health and beauty retailer, is expanding its collaboration with RELEX Solutions, provider of unified retail optimization solutions, that began in fall 2019. Going forward, RELEX will provide a unified, cloud-based solution to future-proof Matas’s 270 stores, optimizing their use of space while ensuring the right amount of inventory is always available on shelves.

Matas’ goal for this expansion is to integrate previously siloed processes by utilizing RELEX’s demand forecasting to optimize their planograms, allowing stores to better adjust space and facings to meet demand. These new, highly automated processes will leverage the software’s data processing capabilities to drive efficiency and improve decision-making in both supply chain and space planning.

Lars Kejser Bob, Head of Assortment Planning and Space Management at Matas, says, “We see great benefits in expanding our collaboration with RELEX and unifying our supply chain and space solutions. By broadening our use of RELEX’s data, we expect increased efficiency and accuracy that will significantly improve the quality of our stores’ operations. With RELEX’s enhanced computational power, we can focus on the essentials of our assortment strategy and drive a more efficient, optimal assortment.”

“It is a huge credit when our customers begin to see development potential in optimizing more of their processes and planning with RELEX, even before the first project is completed,” says Søren Gram Christensen, Denmark Country Manager, RELEX Solutions. He adds, “We look forward to expanding the partnership between RELEX and Matas and to seeing yet another customer benefit from combining more business areas into our unified solution.”