Maxerience, a Vision Group Company, and RELEX Solutions Partner To Optimize the End-to-End Planogramming Experience

May 19, 2022 2 min

Maxerience, a Vision Group company, and RELEX Solutions today announced a new partnership designed to improve the end-to-end planogramming experience for retailers, brands, and distributors serving the CPG industry.  

Maxerience is a market leader in leveraging AI-driven image recognition technology to digitize brick-and-mortar planogramming. Their solutions enable CPG brands and retailers to measure, analyze, and optimize how their products and promotions perform in real time. RELEX provides AI-driven planning solutions that optimize supply chain, space, and workforce strategies within a unified, cloud-native platform. The RELEX Living Retail Platform breaks down cross-functional silos to improve efficiency and adaptability in an age marked by rapid change and disruption.

Together, Maxerience and RELEX will establish a state-of-the-art planogramming experience across the retail enterprise—from planning to execution to compliance. The partnership, which has already seen early success with joint customers, will bring RELEX and The Vision Group’s complementary platforms together to optimize the full visual merchandising lifecycle. 

The partnership puts a comprehensive library of product data—from package images to weights and dimensions—at the fingertips of central planning teams, enabling them to build accurate merchandising strategies localized to the needs and requirements of each store. It will also enable local personnel to snap photos of store shelves, then automatically convert them into a digital format to help central planners quickly assess planogram compliance and react to real-time feedback.

“The results from our shared retail clients speak for themselves,” says Jason DeRienzo, Chief Revenue Officer at The Vision Group. “1+1=3, in terms of the value we’re able to deliver by driving an end-to-end solution together.  We are excited to see how this partnership grows.”

“We are very pleased to partner with The Vision Group, one of the leading image recognition providers in the North American market,” says Steve Boon, VP Industry Strategy at RELEX. “This full-lifecycle merchandising approach will provide tremendous value to our joint customers and the industry in general, and we are excited about the opportunity to take our partnership to the next level.”