Morrisons Selects Galleria’s Complete Product Suite

May 15, 2013 2 min

This press release refers to a project implemented by Galleria RTS which has been acquired by RELEX Solutions in June 2016.

Galleria has today announced that Morrisons, the UK’s fourth largest food retailer, will utilize its complete product suite to automate its merchandising strategy.

Morrisons store front

Galleria Retail Technology Solutions, the leading provider of retail and category optimization solutions, today announced that Morrisons, the UK’s fourth largest food retailer, will utilize its complete product suite to automate its merchandising strategy. A Galleria customer since 2008, Morrisons will continue to use Galleria’s Customer-Centric Merchandising Solution and will also implement Intelligent Store Optimization, Behavioural Cluster Planning, Store Operations Workbench and Galleria Foundation Services in more than 400 stores across the UK.

“With more than 11.5 million shoppers each week, our goal is to optimize our selling space in every store and ensure that we have an appropriate assortment to meet our individual customer needs” said Andrew Plews Head of Trading Systems Development Controller at Morrisons. “Galleria offers us a complete, single-source solution to automate our merchandising processes across both Macro space & Micro space planning in support of our objectives”

  • Galleria Foundation Services is the central hub for data repository including, business process, workflow management and security. In addition Galleria Foundation Services provides the perfect platform for integration with legacy and third party systems
  • Behavioral Cluster Planning will allow Morrisons to cluster categories and stores based on actual customer shopping habits, highlighting opportunity gaps and providing the products that they really want.
  • Intelligent Store Optimization, an automated decision support application, will enable Morrisons to optimize and manage macro space and micro space on a store-specific level. Morrisons can re-proportion space at any level to quickly understand the financial impact of change on their bottom line via a transparent “what if” analysis.
  • Customer-Centric Merchandising will enable Morrisons to execute a customer-centric merchandising strategy across hundreds of categories in full recognition of the constraints applied by the supply chain, each store’s inventory requirements and in-store space.
  • Store Operations Workbench will enable Morrisons to intelligently deliver information to their stores, via a web service utilizing the very latest Microsoft technology. Store plans, space plans, category and operational information will be delivered and conversely Store Operations Workbench will provide the perfect forum for the stores to feed information back to head office.

Morrisons is a forward-thinking retailer dedicated to using technology to streamline business processes to provide its customers with a first-class shopping experience. – Ian Duncan-Lewis, CEO, Galleria

We are delighted that we are able to expand our partnership to provide our full range of retail and category optimization solutions. We are confident that the implementation will enable Morrisons to improve its customer experience, maintain a competitive advantage and achieve a fast return on investment.