RELEX and Legion Unite to Deliver Best-In-Class ROI to Retailers

Jan 11, 2023 2 min

Integrated solutions will enable retailers to gain unparalleled efficiencies across supply chain and store operations

RELEX Solutions, provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions, and Legion Technologies, an innovator in workforce management (WFM), today announced a strategic partnership to optimize their combined solutions, providing retailers with increased efficiencies across supply chains and store operations.  

Legion and RELEX are both known for their innovation in the retail space, leveraging data, intelligent automation of processes, and cutting-edge technology to improve efficiencies, control costs, and deliver an exceptional employee and customer experience. Together, Legion and RELEX will provide a modern, flexible, adaptable software solution that puts control in the hands of planning and workforce management teams. By sharing critical data in real-time between the product sets, the companies will deliver a powerful, integrated software solution that improves demand forecasting and replenishment processes, enabling retailers to plan more effectively while simultaneously transforming in-store labor operations and the hourly employee experience.

We believe this partnership with RELEX will deliver unprecedented value to retailers,” said Sanish Mondkar, CEO and Founder of Legion Technologies. “Retailers can leverage the integrated solution to more accurately and precisely predict the future for supply chain and store operations while simultaneously improving store execution through modern workforce management that’s automated, intelligent, and employee-centric. In addition, in-store hourly employees get gig-like schedule flexibility, modern communication tools, and instant access to earned wages.”

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Legion as today’s market demands a new level of employer agility,” said Mikko Kärkkäinen, Co-Founder and Group CEO at RELEX Solutions. “By aligning store and distribution center teams’ schedules with forecasted workloads, employers can maximize performance and reduce labor costs by eliminating unnecessary overtime and unproductive hours while considering local labor laws and employee preferences. Furthermore, by automating tasks and providing self-serviced scheduling, instant pay, and other productivity rewards, employers can reduce burnout and set their teams up for success.” 

By combining RELEX’s highly accurate demand and workload forecasts with Legion’s workforce management solution, customers will be able to plan better through more accurate automated forecasts, optimized labor budgeting and scheduling, and enhanced planning across all customer touchpoints and channels. Additionally, supply chain and replenishment teams will be able to: 

  • Sell more when employees with the right skills are in stores at the right time to replenish shelves and provide service to customers, ensuring efficiencies are maximized across all channels with unified retail planning.  
  • Waste less by uncovering and cutting hidden costs resulting from payroll errors, compliance issues, or lost productivity. The platform optimizes staff planning to meet business goals, allowing teams to quickly replace absent workers, reduce attrition, and streamline communication with frontline employees.  

Store operations teams will be able to maximize labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously. This is done through optimized schedules that match business needs with employee skills and preferences, compliant time and attendance, and by empowering employees with gig-like schedule flexibility and control, modern self-service tools, and instant access to earned wages.  

Legion and RELEX will be available at NRF 2023 to discuss the partnership at the RELEX booth (No. 4856). To learn more, please book a meeting.

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