RELEX Celebrates a Great 2012: Doubles in Size; Top Supply Chain Sector Company in Deloitte Tech Fast 500 Second Year Running

Mar 18, 2013 2 min

Helsinki-based RELEX has again flown the flag for the supply chain sector in the prestigious Deloitte Tech Fast 500 EMEA.

Last year Deloitte calculated that RELEX was the 14th fastest growing software company, from any field, in Europe the Middle East and Africa. In the 12 months since first making the list the company has doubled both its turnover and its complement of staff. It’s also returned to the Fast 500 in 2012 and remains the highest-placed supply chain company on the list. This year has also seen RELEX win customers in new European territories, open its first permanent UK office and build on its position as the leading supply-chain management player in Scandinavia. It’s poised to expand across other European territories in 2013.

RELEX’s co-founder and MD Mikko Kärkkäinen says it has been the company’s best year ever. “The last 12 months have confirmed our belief in the RELEX approach. Because our systems are so flexible they’re quick to adapt to a client’s needs and they are easy to use. So by the time they’re ready to roll out – typically after a three month pilot – clients are able to make pretty much any adjustments they choose, without our help. So we leave behind happy clients and I think that’s at the root of why we’re able to expand so fast.”

Johanna Småros, another of RELEX’s co-founders, reckons companies are focusing more and more on improving their supply chains. “In the current climate no one wants to miss a sale because an item is out of stock. We routinely push availability to the max; in some instances over 99%,” Småros says, “and at the same time we help slash inventory levels – and that sets free capital, that would otherwise be tied up in stock, to do other things. RELEX offers frugal technology for frugal times.”