RELEX Solutions Helped Customers Prevent 280 Million kg of Food Waste Worldwide in 2023

Jun 3, 2024 2 min

The 2024 Sustainability Report outlines RELEX Solutions’ commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility, highlighting a notable 27% increase in reductions in food waste year-over-year

RELEX Solutions, provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions, released their annual Sustainability Report, which outlines how the company’s advanced AI-driven retail and supply chain planning technology has helped customers prevent approximately 280 million kg of food waste globally in 2023.

The RELEX Sustainability Report details how the company is helping customers improve demand forecasting accuracy and optimize supply chain planning and optimization to align their supply with actual customer demand, reducing waste while enhancing operational efficiency, ultimately benefiting the environment and their customers’ bottom lines. 

Every year, approximately one-third of the world’s food supply goes to waste making it critical for companies to begin identifying and tackling the causes of food waste across the supply chain in order to reduce C02 emissions and spoilage.

Through advanced demand forecasting and supply chain planning, RELEX has helped customers drastically reduce the volume of perishable goods left unsold and destined for waste, effectively preventing the emissions of 950,000 tons of C02 equivalents. This achievement aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal to halve food waste by 2030.

Additionally, as approximately 70% to 90% of RELEX customers’ emissions stem from purchased goods, RELEX is enhancing its platform to enable businesses to assess and understand the CO2 emissions associated with these goods. By incorporating greenhouse gas metrics into their planning and optimization solutions, and through improved distribution planning that considers emissions data, RELEX empowers customers to make informed, sustainable decisions that reduce their environmental impact.

“Over the last year, RELEX has deepened our global commitment to sustainability,” said Svante Göthe, Head of Sustainability at RELEX. “We are proud to have helped our customers prevent approximately 280 million kg of food waste worldwide in 2023, and make strides in providing more visibility into the carbon footprint of purchased goods.”  

As an organization, RELEX is committed to annually offsetting their direct, energy-related, and value chain emissions across scopes 1, 2, and 3, as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard. In 2023, RELEX achieved a 14% reduction in emission intensity, which indicates more efficient management of greenhouse gases relative to revenue, showcasing the company’s commitment to minimizing their carbon footprint across all operational scopes defined by the standard. 

“It is essential that at RELEX, we continue to evolve our solutions to deliver environmental benefits to our customers, supporting their sustainability efforts, while also making sure we further improve the sustainability of our operations,” said Johanna Småros, Co-founder and Chief Sustainability Officer of RELEX Solutions. “While we’ve made progress, we recognize there’s still a long way to go. We will continue to innovate, collaborate, and make actionable improvements in our sustainability efforts.” 

Read the RELEX Solutions’ Sustainability Report 2024 here.