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Selco Builders Warehouse Achieves Remarkable Efficiency Gains with RELEX Solutions

Jan 17, 2024 2 min

UK provider of trade services boosts product availability and streamlines ordering through AI-driven system.

Selco Builders Warehouse, a leading provider of trade services, building products, and materials to tradespeople across the UK, has seen significant enhancements in the efficiency of their branches and customer service following a successful deployment of RELEX Solutions. With a focus on enhancing their supply chain, Selco implemented the RELEX forecasting, replenishment, and space planning solutions in their branches and distribution centers in 2022. 

Before RELEX, Selco’s ordering process was time-consuming, relying heavily on manual inputs and an internal system based on minimum and maximum inventory levels. This method proved inefficient due to its inability to adapt to market shifts, seasonal changes, and competitive dynamics. Their previous system also struggled with balancing inventory levels and meeting minimum order constraints, which led to unnecessary stockpiling and early depletion of other products. 

“Selecting a partner for this project meant finding a balance between our immediate software needs and ongoing development potential,” said David Rose, Head of Supply Chain at Selco. “RELEX stood out not just for its software capabilities but also for its cultural fit with Selco. Their continuous product development promises ongoing benefits for us.” 

The implementation of RELEX at Selco is described as exceptionally smooth. A collaborative effort between a dedicated team from Selco and RELEX ensured that the requirements were clearly articulated and promptly addressed. 

The RELEX deployment led to several notable improvements: 

 Improved Standard Availability: 

  • Light side Distribution Center Supplied Products (LDC): Achieved an average increase in standard product availability by 0.8%. 
  • Supplied by External Suppliers: Experienced a more substantial average increase in standard product availability by 3.8%. 

Improved Availability Over Project Quantity: 

  • LDC Supplied Products: Achieved an increase in availability over project quantity of 2%. 
  • Supplied by External Suppliers: Exceeded LDC supplied products significantly with a 6.7% increase in availability over project quantity 

Optimized Inventory Management: 

  • Despite the increased availability from both LDCs and external suppliers, there has been no corresponding increase in overall inventory levels, indicating efficient inventory management and optimization. 

Enhanced Trust in Automated Systems:

  • Staff now confidently rely on RELEX, ensuring a smooth and efficient replenishment process. 

Rose adds, “There’s a firm belief within Selco that RELEX isn’t just a software provider, but a partner committed to helping us realize our full potential.” 

“We are delighted with the significant impact our collaboration has brought to Selco,” said Jason Berry, VP of Sales for EMEA at RELEX Solutions. “Their increase in product availability is a major milestone, reflecting our commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This success exemplifies our dedication to innovative, results-driven solutions in supply chain optimization.”