The UVESCO Group Selects RELEX Solutions for Integrated Supply Chain Strategy

Jul 1, 2024 2 min

Leading Spanish food distributor incorporates AI-driven supply chain planning solutions for BM Supermarkets and Super Amara to optimize everything from fresh product to promotions, to channel-specific demand forecasting

The UVESCO Group, a leading company in the mass consumption and food distribution sector, has selected RELEX Solutions, a leading provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions, to optimize and unify their supply chain, leading to improved customer satisfaction and reduced operational costs. 

The UVESCO Group is focused on delivering quality, fresh, local products, a wide assortment of goods, and ensuring superior customer service. They are well-known for their BM and Super Amara supermarket chains, and have 331 stores in Spain, seven distribution centers, and more than 16,000 SKUs.  

UVESCO recognized the need to evolve their supply chain strategy. They selected RELEX for a range of AI-enabled forecasting and replenishment capabilities, to optimize inventory management, supply chain planning, and demand forecasting. With RELEX, UVESCO aims to enhance their competitiveness through better availability, streamlined inventory, and reduced operational costs. 

“We believe we’ve made the right choice by trusting RELEX as our technology enabler and advisor as we make the leap from manual supply chain processes to a more sophisticated approach to managing fresh products from store to store. This strategic move is crucial for supporting our rapid regional growth, while enhancing our operational excellence and providing superior customer service levels,” said Miguel Carrero, Chief Technology Officer of the UVESCO Group. 

Adopting a unified approach to their supply chain strategy across inventory management, optimizing everything from fresh product rotation to promotional activities and channel-specific demand forecasting, will ensure UVESCO addresses consumer demand while minimizing waste. This unified solution will help maintain optimal inventory levels, ensure smooth delivery flows to optimize supply chain capacity, and tailor strategies to channel-specific demand, reducing waste and the risk of excess inventory or stockouts. 

With RELEX, UVESCO will ultimately gain more accurate forecasting, make better allocation decisions, and ultimately, have a more responsive, adaptable, and cost-effective supply chain that enhances customer satisfaction and profitability. 

“We are thrilled to welcome UVESCO Group as our first local retailer in the north of Spain. Their selection of RELEX, based on our extensive experience in the fresh and grocery sectors, underscores our commitment to delivering rapid value,” said Rui Saraiva, VP of Sales EMEA South and MENA at RELEX Solutions. “We look forward to supporting UVESCO in achieving their strategic goals through our proven solutions.”