Grocery retail trends 2019

In grocery retail, the reality is that the change and the challenges aren’t going to stop anytime soon. If anything, the competition will just get tougher.

Benefit from forecast data in your planograms

During my almost seven years working with space planning, I’ve faced almost every question there is to ask around the topic. One, however, seems to come up constantly “Can we use forecast data when making the planograms?”

Grocery retail in 2018

Many of the same trends we’ve seen in 2017 will continue in 2018 alongside new challenges and opportunities. We’ve listed the five most interesting trends that grocery retailers can expect in 2018.

What is a good level of forecast accuracy?

“What would you consider a good level of forecast accuracy in our business?” is probably the single most frequent question we get from customers, consultants and other business experts alike.

Solving the retail and supply chain dilemma

As a retailer, you’re under tremendous pressure from all sides. The good old days of simply stacking the shelves and watching it sell are long gone and the competition is fiercer than ever.

Why retail CFOs need to understand the supply chain

Driving efficiency and increasing revenue in this ever-changing environment means a constant pull in multiple directions. So how can the CFO create change, improve the operating ratios and minimize risks for the business?

Replacing inventory with information

One of the top supply chain management slogans has been “replace inventory with information”, however, there are valid reasons for holding inventory.

RELEX Summer

The core values of RELEX

Our values have been presented outside the company once, at our 10th anniversary party in January this year. But, I thought, why not write them up?