Customer video: Transmeri Group

Mar 7, 2024 2 min

Oy Transmeri Group Ab, a Finnish family enterprise, produces, imports, and markets popular consumer and cosmetics goods in Finland and the Baltic countries, including brands such as Chanel, Weetabix, Taika, Biozell, OFF!, Ibero, and Substral. Kimmo Koho, Director of IT and Sustainability, and Kirsi Virtanen, Senior Demand Planner and Development Manager, share insights into how their partnership with RELEX is helping them drive forecast accuracy, automate manual processes, and reach their service level goals. 


Kimmo Koho: 

My name is Kimmo Koho. I’m the Director of IT and Sustainability. I’m running a team of six persons in Transmeri Group. Transmeri Group is around 100-year-old, family-owned business. The group consists of almost 25 companies. Our turnover is 300 million, and we employ around 800 people.  

We have been collaborating with RELEX for around 12 years. We started from one subsidiary, and now we are using RELEX in all our other companies. We have been able to improve our sales estimates quite a bit with RELEX. This work, which used to be very labor intensive, is nowadays fully automated. 

Cooperation with RELEX has been quite intensive. We have regular meetings multiple times per year. We do bigger or smaller developments each year with RELEX, and we try to find all new possible features in the RELEX products. 

We have achieved quite a bit with RELEX. Our sales estimation is much more accurate than it used to be. I would say that we have the right products in the right places nowadays, much more often than in the past. I would expect that in future, we can utilize the RELEX products even more. I am expecting that RELEX can combine more and more information from different sources. I’m also expecting that we can use more artificial intelligence in the RELEX solutions. 

Kirsi Virtanen: 

My name is Kirsi Virtanen, and I am part of the supply chain team currently working as a Senior Demand Planner and Development Manager at Transmeri. I have been working since 2018 and been the superuser of RELEX ever since. RELEX is very easy to use. It’s really versatile and scalable. 

We can, ourselves, configure the settings very easily, and most importantly, we have a really good relationship with RELEX. For the future vision, we are aiming at implementing spoilage detection, which is at the core of our sustainability goals. We are also looking at the possibility to add our production master planning. Obviously, also the AI and machine learning will undoubtedly enhance even further our forecasting accuracy. 

Our daily work with RELEX involves our demand planners, who are maintaining and optimizing the sales forecasts. Those forecasts are, in turn, transferred to our ERP, where our procurement planners continue daily their daily work. With RELEX, we have achieved high forecasting accuracy, which, in turn, has resulted in high inventory turnover. We have good warehouse stock levels and we are aiming at achieving 98.5% service level to our customers.