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Cut through retail complexity with advanced forecasting & replenishment technology

Mar 8, 2024 2 min

Retail today is all about transformation. This is especially true in supply chain management, with ever-evolving customer behavior, the creation of new sales and fulfillment channels, and an endless string of disruptive events. 

Alex Jobin, Lead Solution Principal at RELEX, shares insights into why retailers need the right technology that can cut through the complexity and automate difficult tasks while still providing visibility and control. 


In retail margins are tight, supply chains are complex and are constantly changing. You have to deal with seasonality, promotions, diverse sales channels and even disruptions. All of these things greatly impact the supply chain and are in constant flux. 

A smooth supply chain is critical for ensuring products are available when needed, inventory costs are controlled and operations are efficient, all to meet the ultimate goals of driving sales and profitability. 

In order to succeed, you need to have the right technology that can cut through the complexity and automate difficult tasks such as demand forecasting, replenishment, and allocation, while still providing visibility and control. A technology that is streamlined, easy to use, adaptable, and provides speed to value. While there are many options available in today’s market, not all solutions offer the same benefits. 

RELEX has developed an innovative supply chain planning solution using machine learning and AI that helps you not only exceed your availability and inventory target, but also simultaneously optimize capacity and resources no matter how complex your supply chain is. 

RELEX gives you visibility into projected inventory movement, pinpoints exceptions, highlights potential constraints, and proactively solves them so that you can make dynamic adjustments to your operation. 

RELEX enables: 

  • Highly accurate and proven machine learning based forecasting forming the basis for supply chain planning. 
  • Versatile replenishment order calculations that integrate the process in multi echelon supply chains. 
  • Continuously updated inventory projections for future planning such as inventory flow and resource needs. 
  • Unique AI-based optimizations to provide further efficiencies to operations such as delivery flow smoothing to balance resource utilization and inventory clearance as a seamless part of seasonal plan. 
  • Superior adaptability, which enables customers to control and quickly reconfigure their solution to best meet their changing business needs. 
  • Best practice templates and an expert team that ensures swift delivery of our solution, translating to quick time to value for our customers. 

The right technology helps you meet your goals no matter what curveballs your supply chain throws your way. Reach out to learn how RELEX can help. We’d love to talk.