FEMSA Proximity Expands Relationship with RELEX to Predict Demand and Improve Planning

Jun 26, 2024 1 min

Innovative AI-driven demand forecasting technology from RELEX will enable more FEMSA Proximity businesses to increase forecast accuracy and efficiency by automating manual processes, improving availability and customer shopping.

The multi-format division of FEMSA Proximity has chosen RELEX Solutions, provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions, to optimize their product availability levels.

This crucial initiative will focus on improving Bara’s demand forecasting through the integration of AI-driven technology. This action is expected to enhance the company’s inventory management, meet customer demands more effectively, and strengthen customer loyalty by better identifying complex demand patterns.

RELEX will be instrumental in optimizing supply chain planning by enabling them to: increase the accuracy of demand forecasts, improve product availability, introduce additional supply chain efficiencies, maintain appropriate inventory levels, reduce working capital requirements, and streamline planning processes, which will impact their competitive advantage and service agility.

Key features of the RELEX implementation include advanced forecasting tools such as understanding halo and cannibalization effects, to better serve customer needs, increase loyalty and ensure product availability and freshness, while reducing shrink and obsolete inventory. Wysupp, a strategic RELEX partner, will play a crucial role in the implementation of this advanced solution.