LabelVie Group Selects RELEX Solutions to Provide Forecasting and Replenishment Across its Retail and Wholesale Business

Jun 20, 2024 2 min

Moroccan grocery retailer to streamline their supply chain operations with RELEX Solutions 

LabelVie Group, the grocery retailer and the owner of Carrefour Franchise in Morocco has selected RELEX Solutions, provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions, to automate and optimize their supply chain processes. RELEX will deliver integrated store and distribution center forecasting and replenishment to LabelVie Group’s 180 stores and eight distribution centres. RELEX will also drive improved order accuracy, sharing of forecasts to suppliers, and fresh replenishment optimization. The project will be delivered in collaboration with Demandtex. Demandtex is a RELEX partner with strong experience in retail supply chain with RELEX. 

LabelVie Group needed a solution to enhance the efficiency of their ordering processes, allowing them to redirect their attention to more value adding tasks. Recognizing RELEX’s strong reputation in forecasting and replenishment, they chose RELEX to streamline operations and free up staff time to be able to prioritize focus on the customer experience.  

LabelVie Group plans to use RELEX to expedite their growth, maximize sales, and ensure enhanced availability for customers. Using RELEX forecasting and replenishment capabilities in LabelVie Group’s distribution centers will enhance their inventory management processes by addressing issues of both overstocking and understocking. The other future objective is to enhance visibility and collaboration with all suppliers by providing more accurate forecast to allow producers and importers to optimize their own value chain that can help maximize availability towards consumers and minimize waste on their end 

“We chose RELEX based on their established success in the convenience grocery sector and their track record with other well-known retailers,” explains Naoual Benamar, General Manager at LabelVie Group.  

“We anticipate leveraging their market-leading forecast and replenishment solutions to enhance our processes, improve operational visibility, and uphold the quality of our customer offerings,” adds Hafid Hadni, Deputy General Manager at LabelVie Group. 

“We are highly confident in our ability to bring significant value to LabelVie Group’ business. Leveraging our market experience, we look forward to assisting LabelVie Group’ in automating and streamlining their operations,” said Stefano Scandelli, SVP, sales EMEA & APAC, General Manager, Consumer Goods & Production Business Unit, RELEX Solutions.