Optimera Svenska AB Enhances Supply Chain Visibility with RELEX Solutions

May 14, 2024 2 min

One of Sweden’s leading distributors of building materials have deployed RELEX supply chain diagnostics for improved operational efficiency.

Optimera Svenska AB, a distributor of building materials for trade professionals and consumers, is further enhancing their supply chain capabilities with RELEX Solutions, a provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions. Optimera Svenska AB has implemented advanced supply chain diagnostics capabilities to understand the root cause of stock-outs and improve their customer experience. 

Optimera Svenska AB, part of the Saint Gobain Nordics Group and SGDS Gruppen AB, operates across 70 stores in Sweden. Since 2018, Optimera Svenska has collaborated with RELEX to implement forecasting and replenishment solutions for their stores and distribution centers. With RELEX, Optimera Svenska AB has seen significant positive outcomes, including high levels of product availability, replenishment efficiency and reduced number of delivery rows.  

Optimera Svenska AB has implemented the supply chain diagnostics capabilities to augment their forecasting and replenishment process with insights for availability issues. Supply chains are complex and troubleshooting availability issues can be time-consuming, requiring manual effort, advanced skills and often consultancy projects. The supply chain diagnostics automatically identifies the root cause of stock-outs and the relevance of each cause.  

“As a forward-thinking organization, we are committed to adopting new technologies that can enhance our supply chain operations,” said Thomas Johansson, Procurement and Replenishment Manager, SGDS Gruppen AB. “RELEX distinguishes itself through genuine effort to understand our unique business needs and deliver solutions tailored to our requirements. The supply chain diagnostics tool is not only intuitive and user-friendly but also empowers us to make informed decisions, significantly improving our efficiency and effectiveness.” 

“We can confirm that that the tool has enabled us to draw effective conclusions by focusing on the most significant reasons for stock-outs, understanding their impact on our business, and promptly addressing the right issues,” said Mårten Leijman, Supply Chain Analyst at Optimera Svenska AB. “Additionally, these insights prove invaluable during supplier negotiations, allowing us to address specific challenges and improve terms based on concrete data.” 

“In a fast-paced retail environment, understanding the reason behind stock-outs and availability issues is crucial,” said Tiina Kanninen, Vice President, Customer Success, RELEX Solutions. “This solution will empower Optimera Svenska AB to prioritize efforts effectively, equipping them to mitigate availability issues more proactively, but also gives them the ability to make data driven decisions quickly and accurately. We are confident in the measurable value this tool will bring to their organization.”