Unicoop Firenze Automates Replenishment and Space Planning with RELEX Solutions 

Dec 7, 2023 2 min

RELEX replaces Unicoop Firenze’s legacy space planning and replenishment solutions to decrease food waste, improve product availability, and enhance efficiency and profitability.

Unicoop Firenze, leading Italian cooperative part of the Coop group, has selected RELEX Solutions to replace their legacy space planning and replenishment solutions in favor of an artificial intelligence (AI) driven, automated approach to replenish their distribution centers while optimizing and localizing products based on demand.

Unicoop Firenze has more than 25,000 SKUs across 136 stores and 12 distribution centers in Italy. They wanted to unify store planning processes and adapt their plans to market and customer demands, by having the right products at the right location, tailored to each store’s available space. The RELEX retail planning platform provided the right mix of automation, data-driven insights based on AI and machine learning (ML), and optimized replenishment for Unicoop Firenze’s needs.  

Using RELEX replenishment solutions, Unicoop Firenze will be able to reduce food waste and out-of-stocks by more accurately planning purchase orders based on demand. The solution’s capabilities will help the grocer automatically place orders using ML-based forecasting, taking into account key demand drivers like price, promotions, events, and shopper preferences. By automating forecasting and replenishment, Unicoop Firenze will be able to improve supply chain efficiency, expertly manage and reduce spoilage and optimize stock for high availability. 

“Sustainability is a key focus for us, so automating replenishment and managing inventory was a priority. We needed to reduce food waste while also ensuring we have the right products in each store based on consumer preferences,” said Riccardo Rapi, CIO at Unicoop Firenze. “The RELEX unified approach to retail and supply chain planning gives us the ability to more intelligently optimize store space and product mix while adding efficiency and scale to our team.” 

RELEX space planning solutions will also help decrease food waste by reducing excess stock across Unicoop Firenze’s stores. By aligning planograms with localized replenishment schedules and demand, Unicoop Firenze will have accurate product levels at their stores. They are also able to conduct direct-to-shelf replenishment and cut their goods handling costs leading to boosted efficiency and profitability.  

“Integrating supply chain processes with retail planning is key, especially in a dynamic market such as the grocery industry. Providing visibility across planning and optimization of resources will help Unicoop Firenze synchronize processes across one platform,” said Stefano Scandelli, SVP EMEA & APAC, RELEX Solutions. “We’re happy to support Unicoop Firenze’s dual strategy of improving sustainability and driving cost efficiencies across the business, while underscoring their commitment to customer satisfaction.”