INTERSPORT AB Chooses RELEX to Optimise Supply Chain

Sep 29, 2014 2 min

World’s leading sporting goods retailer implements RELEX technology to improve allocation and increase efficiency.

INTERSPORT AB, part of the world’s largest sports chain with more than 5,500 stores in 43 countries, is working with RELEX to streamline replenishment to its central warehouse in Gothenburg, Sweden and its 150 Swedish stores.

The main focus is on improving the ongoing replenishment of its core range and the initial allocation of stock to stores at the start of each season; two areas where INTERSPORT is looking for more support and additional functionality for their current ERP system in order to increase efficiency and achieve better results.

“The routine replenishment of the items we stock year-round is already centralized for part of the range, but we look forward to the new features RELEX excels at,” says Fredrik Norén, IT manager at INTERSPORT. “We see huge potential for further increasing the quality of our replenishment operations.”

“RELEX’s systems will help free up the support team’s time to deal with exceptions and help stores tackle routine and everyday tasks even better,” he says.

The initial pre-season distribution is done using so-called ‘starter packs’, which, at present, requires a lot of manual work. RELEX will be working closely with INTERSPORT to tailor its software to calculate optimal pack sizes and allocate them to stores according to each individual outlet’s needs. “We have formed a very good impression of RELEX, and we are pleased to be collaborating with them. It is a company with a great work ethic,” says Mr. Norén.

RELEX’s co-founder and head of its Scandinavian operations, Johanna Småros, says it’s a privilege to be working with a globally recognised retailer.
“When a company like INTERSPORT approaches us, we don’t just see it as a challenge, we also see an opportunity. It drives us to create new solutions that will help retailers and wholesalers in many different sectors.”

“Inventory management is a fast developing discipline, and being given chances, like this, to develop the capabilities of inventory planning software, helps keep us in the forefront of supply chain technology,” Småros says.

INTERSPORT Sweden AB is part of IIC – INTERSPORT International Corporation, which is one of the world’s best known retailers of sports equipment and accessories. Founded in 1968, it operates in 43 countries and has a retail turnover of € 10.6 bn.