Pierce – the Leading E-tailer for Motocross, Motorcycles and Snowmobiles Is Partnering With RELEX

Dec 7, 2016 3 min

Pierce, the leading e-commerce operator of some of the most recognized and respected brands within the motocross, motorcycle and snowmobile industries, has chosen RELEX to transform its supply chain operations for online stores 24MX, XLMOTO and Sledstore.

Swedish e-tailer Pierce, which operates 35 online shops around Europe, has picked RELEX Solutions to help drive its pan-European expansion. The e-commerce specialist wants to increase the product availability while reducing its stock levels – as well as saving time in the supply chain team. Furthermore, Pierce also wants to improve its forecasting and assortment management, which means a full supply chain transformation is needed.

Launched in 2009, Pierce opened its first e-commerce store outside of Sweden in 2011. The company now has a local presence in 16 European countries with 35 different online stores. Its growth plan is ambitious, having turned over around EUR35M in 2015, founders Stefan Rönn and Daniel Petersen are looking to top EUR100M annual sales in 2019.

RELEX will play a key part in that strategy. Pierce previously used an in-house solution within its ERP system, however due to its limited supply chain capabilities, sometimes it led to inefficiencies, overstock and availability issues. Having expanded rapidly since the launch, the e-tailer was in need of a more advanced supply chain planning system.


“Our old in-house solutions worked well in the beginning when our assortment was smaller and operations were mainly in Scandinavia,” says Ion Ciorici, Supply Chain Director at Pierce. “But, with tremendous growth and portfolio expansion, we soon realized that, in-house solutions were not supporting our agility and long-term planning requirements. These circumstances brought the need to implement a more flexible and robust solution. And when implementing a new supply chain planning system, we wanted both outstanding forecasting solutions adapted to best reflect the nature of Pierce sales, and future-proof technology that will grow with us.”

The partnership with RELEX is expected to give Pierce the visibility and control over its stock and supply chain it needs to succeed in its plan to expand and grow further.

“Pierce is a really innovative e-commerce operation and one of Sweden’s most successful e-commerce companies through their brands 24MX, XLMOTO and Sledstore,” says Mikael Wiklund, Swedish Sales Manager at RELEX Solutions. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to help them grow so fast in so many diverse markets, each with its own characteristics and challenges.”

RELEX has a wide experience of working with e-commerce and omni-channel retailers in many different markets, helping them to forecast accurately, carry the right amount of stock and have a clear overview of their entire supply chain.

“We really did our homework when looking for the right retail supply chain planning system to carry us forward as we expand throughout Europe,” says Mattias Nahlin, Head of Business Development at Pierce. “We like RELEX. We like its people, its attitude, its technology and the results it achieves for its customers. We’re looking forward to seeing the same improvements ourselves.”

About Pierce

Pierce is a leading e-commerce operator with some of the most recognized and respected online retail brands within the motorcycle and snowmobile industry. Established in 2009, Pierce has continuously expanded its product portfolio and now has a local presence in 16 European markets, a leading e-commerce player in Motocross (24MX), Motorcycle (XLMOTO) and Snowmobile (Sledstore) segments.

More information: www.pierce-ecom.com