RELEX Solutions Wins Awards for Leadership in Retail Planning Solutions and Green Supply Chain

Dec 11, 2019 2 min

RELEX Solutions has been recognized twice over for its excellence as a provider of retail optimization solutions. On November 21, RELEX was recognized in Spain for Best Leadership in Planning Solutions in the retail sector at La Razón’s Technology and Innovation Awards, and it was recognized again today, this time in the United States, with an SDCE Green Supply Chain Award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

When presenting the leadership award, Jalis de la Serna said it recognized RELEX for “helping retailers improve competitiveness” through more accurate demand forecasting, replenishment, and assortment planning.

RELEX’s Anna van Ginkel, Country Manager for the Spanish office, said “We’re extremely happy to have received this award. RELEX has been recognized with several awards in Europe, but this is the first we’ve received in Spain since opening our Barcelona office a year ago.”

The Technology and Innovation Awards brings together leading researchers and companies dedicated to the development of technology solutions that contribute to the progress of retail science. “Predictive analytics and AI are here to stay,” said van Ginkel, “and our mission is to help companies adapt to new environments, improve productivity, and become more sustainable.”

“Every year, our Green Supply Chain Award recipients demonstrate what is achievable in supply chain sustainability.”

RELEX’s sustainability mission in particular helped the company earn its second consecutive Green Supply Chain Award. “Every year, our Green Supply Chain Award recipients demonstrate what is achievable in supply chain sustainability,” said John R. Yuva, Editor for Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “It is clear that while sustainability is not a new concept, there is always more we can accomplish.”

“We believe that grocers will not only benefit financially from reducing their wastage costs,” said Michael Falck, RELEX President, North America. “It’s their social responsibility to reduce the negative impact of retail on the environment in any way possible. Each year, food retailers in the US waste about 43 billion pounds of food as a result of poor planning. Our solutions have helped retailers reduce their waste by up to 40%. We’re proud of the work we’ve done with our customers, who have taken this mission of sustainability as seriously as we do, and we’re proud to have been recognized for our efforts in this way.”