Runsvengruppen Integrates Inventory Planning Between Central Warehouse and Stores with RELEX Solutions

Feb 28, 2018 3 min

Runsvengruppen, which operates ÖoB, one of Sweden’s leading discount chains, has chosen RELEX’s supply chain solutions to integrate planning and inventory control between its central warehouse and stores.

Runsvengruppen has hundreds of stores around the country and manages over 10,000 products, including home and interior furnishings, household and grocery products, textiles and clothing, DIY tools and equipment. The chain needed a flexible, easy-to-use inventory management system to collect and analyze all data in one place, in order to more effectively control the entire product flow. The chain’s complex operations, and its need for more accurate forecasts and the ability to monitor data, led it to choosing RELEX’s solutions. Runsvengruppen and RELEX will be working closely together with the goal of integrating inventory management and creating a transparent planning process throughout the entire business while increasing service levels and reducing capital tied up in inventory.

“We chose RELEX because of the amazing results they have achieved with scores of other retailers across Europe,” says Mikael Demitz-Helin, Head of Range & Supply at Runsvengruppen. “RELEX’s solution has earned a reputation as a very efficient, easy-to-use system that can be tailored to each customer’s individual needs. RELEX gives us a powerful system that integrates our entire inventory control easily and efficiently.”

Runsvengruppen was already calculating both forecasts and order proposals automatically. However, the manual workload was still high and there was no clear connection between the central warehouse and the stores, so it was difficult to predict actual demand. The chain also realized that its existing ERP system could not handle forecasts adequately given the large number of SKU/store combinations. RELEX provides Runsvengruppen with the tools needed to plan and optimize inventory control efficiently between its stores and central warehouse based on the same data.

RELEX’s solution has given us the tools to make quick decisions and effectively manage the entire inventory management process

“RELEX’s solution has given us the tools to make quick decisions and effectively manage the entire inventory management process,” says Demitz-Helin. “Together, we will cut unnecessary manual work and create more accurate forecasts, which will help us reduce capital tied up in stores and, above all, at the central warehouse.”

“Runsvengruppen with ÖoB, is a well-established part of Sweden’s retail landscape,” says Christian Brunberg, Director of Sales, Scandinavia at RELEX Solutions. “Most retailers want to improve their competitiveness by increasing availability while cutting inventory, but without the right tools that’s easier said than done. We are looking forward to working closely with Runsvengruppen to create a more synchronized business model where its supply chain takes center stage and contributes to the business’s profitability.”

About Runsvengruppen
Runsvengruppen AB is one of Sweden’s leading companies in the low-price market segment through their discount chain stores ÖoB. The Group was founded in 1947 and sell goods within the following product segments: leisure goods, home and interior furnishings, DIY tools and equipment, household and grocery products, textiles and clothing, and electrical appliances.

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About ÖoB
ÖoB is a leading discount chain and one of the top ten strongest retail brands in Sweden. The chain is owned by Runsvengruppen and has more than 100 stores all around the country and employs around 1 500 people. Their permanent selection includes more than 10 000 products, both well-known branded goods and low-cost alternatives.

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