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Customer video: Unifarm

Jan 18, 2024 2 min

Italian pharmaceutical group Unifarm supplies 40,000+ SKUs to independent pharmacies across Northern Italy and Sardinia. Unifarm President Paolo Cainelli shares insights into why they selected RELEX to help them optimize their supply chain, reduce stock, and better serve their pharmacy customers. 

Read more in the press release: UNIFARM cuts inventory and improves customer service with RELEX.  

Transcript (English)

My name is Paolo Cainelli. I am a pharmacist and President of Unifarm SPA, which is a drug distribution company that has around 800 members and serves 1,900 pharmacies. We serve our pharmacies twice a day and face challenges around optimizing stock, assortment, and being able to effectively manage around 40,000 SKUs, and therefore, we needed a partner who would allow us to optimize all our various processes, both in reordering from suppliers and in the service to our pharmacies. 

The main functionalities we were looking for were the ability to optimize all the data we have available and to be able to optimize the service towards both our member pharmacies that we serve twice a day and the reorders we handle our suppliers in order to reduce stock and optimize all our various processes. So, we chose RELEX because, with RELEX, we found a partner who was able to competently understand our needs. 

They offered us measurable tools to be able to achieve our objective of optimizing the flow of our supply chain and the service we provide to our partner pharmacies. We chose RELEX primarily for their expertise, but we were also struck by the effectiveness of the proposals they made to us and the proactivity with which they managed working with us. 

SARA is a system that allows you to optimize the relationship between the distribution side and the pharmacy, freeing up time to focus on the client relationship. So overall, working with RELEX brought us very satisfactory results. We had an average 11% reduction in stocks, an increase in inventory turnover, and we also had an increase in product availability despite the pandemic that allowed us to greatly improve our distribution logistics. 

Overall, the collaboration with the RELEX team has been very satisfactory and continues today.