Workforce Optimization and Management Solution

Ensuring that the right number of staff are on hand to handle the workload helps retailers improve customer service while trimming personnel costs by up to 10+%, giving a significant boost to profits.

Accurate forecasts enable efficient workforce planning

Personnel is one of the biggest costs in retail, typically accounting for 10-20% of turnover. The most labor-intensive activities in stores include operating check-out counters, merchandising and customer service. Retailers can match their available staff to actual workload by combining pragmatic AI with accurate forecasting of both customer flow and the flow of incoming goods.

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RELEX Solutions has acquired Zenopt, an advanced workforce optimization system, to help retailers better plan their staffing needs, reducing costs while improving customer service.

Workforce optimization and management for retail

RELEX’s workforce optimization solution uses both customer footfall and goods flow forecasts to create the most efficient work shifts. It does this by allocating customer-driven, fixed and floating tasks to optimal time slots while taking account of staff availability, competencies and contractual terms. This makes it possible to match staffing with actual workload far more accurately, improving customer service and reducing costs. The same solution also serves staff planning in distribution centers.

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Accurate workload forecasts

RELEX forecasts intraday sales and daily goods flows several months ahead, then translates them to workload forecasts.

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Optimal timing of work tasks

Leveraging pragmatic AI, the solution optimizes total workload and floating tasks to create an efficient workload pattern that serves as the basis for shift optimization.

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work shifts

Work shifts are optimized to match the required workload by taking into account employee’s contracts and availability, and ensuring that planned shifts adhere to labor agreements and laws.

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Full range of work tasks

All types of retail tasks can be flexibly modelled in the system. The tasks can be forecast-based, fixed, floating or a combination of these.

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Easy management of shifts

Our web-based solution makes it easy for planners to manage all activities in one simple view. When they’re ready, shifts are published to employee’s mobile devices.

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Reporting time & attendance

Our workforce optimization software ensures real-time visibility and quick and easy recording of employee attendance and hours worked.

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Long-term resource planning

By comparing long-term workload forecasts with staff availability, the solution identifies risks of over- or under-staffing well in advance.

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Planning transparency

Planners have a continuous view of how planned shifts affect KPIs like total work hours, work hours per individual employee, contract fulfilment and workforce idle time.

Highlighted features of RELEX’s workforce optimization and management solution

Accurate forecasting of workload

In brick-and-mortar stores, the most staff-intensive activities are operating the check-outs, merchandising and customer service. Accurate forecasting of both customer flow and the flow of incoming goods helps retailers match available staff to actual workload.

RELEX’s forecasting engine forecasts customer footfall and point-of-sale activity on a 15-minute level, factoring in seasonal and weekday variations as well as holidays and events. Furthermore, RELEX’s automatic replenishment system has the power to calculate projected orders and deliveries months ahead, right down to a store-day-item level. It can also accommodate irregular-but-planned stock movements, for example stock coming into stores in preparation for promotions or product launches. This means that the two most important workload drivers in retail are accounted for with unprecedented accuracy.

Optimization of work shifts

Using accurate workload forecasts as its foundation, the software ensures that 1) enough staff is available to provide appropriate levels of customer service for the predicted customer footfall and 2) that staff is allocated to execute shelf stacking based on incoming delivery volumes. The optimization also times activities such as administration, cleaning and store openings and closings, making the most efficient use of available staff. The software automatically allocates tasks to personnel based on their skillset. As it produces work shift proposals, the system complies automatically with any contracts or collective agreements, taking into account such factors as maximum shift duration, rest time between shifts and contracted hours.

RELEX’s unique workforce optimization capabilities enable highly automated shift planning, while at the same time cutting personnel costs through increased planning accuracy.

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