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Career Story: Alexandra Sandoval

Alexandra learned during her first weeks that the trust the company places in the people, despite their ages or backgrounds, really sets RELEX apart.

Remote Working Week in Malaga

A group of RELEXians decided to pack their bags and head over to Malaga for a remote work week. What did they learn from that trip?

Being a Working Mom at RELEX

Before joining RELEX, Petra was having a hard time being a working mom in Germany. At RELEX, she found practices and support for combining work and parenthood.

Why Do We Use Haskell?

At RELEX, teams can decide the technologies they want to work with, leading to less common languages like Haskell being in use. What are the benefits of using Haskell in software development?

The Value of Values

Danja was surprised when she started at RELEX and noticed that RELEX's values are genuinely applied to everyday life. She sees the value-driven culture as something that guides and benefits us all.

Saving Money and Reducing Waste

Helping retailers optimize ordering fresh products was a driving force that inspired Mikko, Johanna, and Michael found RELEX. In this blog, Mikko explains the benefits of automating processes and how it helps the environment.

Career Story: Matias Käkelä

Matias has been with RELEX since there were only 30 people, and he's had many chances to develop his expertise from customer projects to software development.