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Franprix and RELEX Shortlisted for the “ROIs de la Supply Chain 2021” Awards

Jan 15, 2021 2 min

Franprix and RELEX Solutions have been shortlisted for France’s prestigious “ROIs de la Supply Chain” Awards, presented by Supply Chain Magazine. The annual competition recognizes innovation in supply chain initiatives that demonstrate clear business benefits. 

Franprix and RELEX have collaborated since 2018 to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the retailer’s demand forecasting and store replenishment. This nomination is a testament to the work that has been done to turn Franprix’s supply chain into a powerful competitive advantage in a constantly changing retail market.  

RELEX’s solution provides Franprix with highly accurate and detailed demand forecasts per stores, item, and day, considering the impact of factors such as weather and external events. In addition, the system calculates optimal order quantities per store and item to maximize availability, minimize waste, and improve goods handling efficiency. Finally, Franprix also uses the system to analyze product performance per store and adjust assortment locally in accordance with local demand. 

The implementation has generated impressive results in the form of a 30% reduction in waste, an over 60% reduction in stockouts, and significant time savings in store ordering. The solution also proved its value in helping Franprix cope with COVID-19’s impact on demand. 

“In addition to having an accurate forecast and the right amount of inventory, you also need to adjust your store assortment to match local demand for improved profitability. RELEX helps us do just this,” says Arthur Caron, Director of Operational Excellence at Franprix. 

“We’re proud of being shortlisted with Franprix for this prestigious award, and we love working together with the Franprix team. We are constantly pushing each other to improve all areas of retail planning to ensure Franprix continues to stay on top of consumers’ minds for years to come,” says David Ritel, Country Manager, France at RELEX Solutions.